‘One of the albums of the year’ and Nico x2

Ey Up y’all!

Well today was a different kind of day in that I went off down to see the lovely Stu Hanna to begin rehearsals for the ‘Lucy Ward Band Awesome Swanky London Album Launch’ (official title of course hehe – tickets found HERE)

But then my phone start bleeping off the hook…that sounds odd…what I mean is, emails flying into my inbox, texts arriving, missed calls – the whole shabang! and then it dawned on me, something must have cracked off, and it had, the first reviews of Single Flame had come in that morning.

ARRRGGHHH! Was my first thought, but then I resolved I should at least read them before I ARRRGGHH and you know what, I’m glad I did.

Spiral Earth and FRoots both released their reviews today and here be a whistle-stop tour of what they said as I know y’all busy bees

Spiral Earth:

‘When I listened to [Single Flame] my reaction was one of astonishment – This album tears up the rule book and Lucy puts her fist through the door marked ‘predictability’

‘On the opening track I Cannot Say I Will Not Speak she sounds like a Northern Nico, her voice is haunting and stern against the beat of a drum. That surprise sets the tone for all of this amazing album, it feels like a recording that should have come out mid career, where are the lost albums between this one and her debut? I looked away and she developed from singer songwriter to star.’

‘Lucy Ward is best when her great voice is like a great tree fast against the storms and sunshine that beat down upon it… One of the albums of the year for sure.’


‘[For The Dead Men] showed a deeper, much darker side to her that’s evident  here and which explodes with such extraordinarily powerful resonance on this album, she’s barely recognisable as the singer who gave us Adelphi Has To Fly. In two years she’s blossomed into a challenging songwriter and a richly involving singer with mature and accomplished arrangements’

‘…sounding like a brooding cross between June Tabor and Nico…’

‘…Lucy Ward has grown up…’


Not sure if I would agree with the growing up part ;p but I will certainly take the dual Nico comments and the general positive loveliness on offer. I said this last time round with Adelphi, but I think making album is very much like giving birth…all your hopes and fears all package up in one neat bundle that eventually goes into the world to be judged. I am very glad that the first people Single Flame has met seem to think she’s cool 🙂

Can you call albums ‘she’? I dunno, but you can pre-order her HERE

Anyways in case ye missed it yesterday here is my brand spanking new music video. I give you ‘Icarus’


Brand Spanking New Music Video

Ey Up 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the glorious sunshine!!

I am extremely excited as I can at last break the news to you that the first video from Single Flame has been premiered on Folk Radio UK

as it is an exclusive get yoursens over HERE to watch and for a little exclusive rambling from moi about what the song means

Ciao for now!


Luce xx

Glasto 2013

Ey Up you lot,

How be ye this fine morrow?

Here I am, 2 years on, about to write another epically long blog about Glastonbury Festival…but this time, it’s different, this time I can finally say


Oh man that feel’s good to say 😀 And on a mainstage and everything!!

Friday at 13:40 saw my Glastonbury debut on the acoustic stage and what a scary, exciting and awesome experience it was. I don’t think I have ever been as nervous as I was before that gig, i must have put my hair up and back down again over 20 times in the dressing room hehe, I paced, I tuned my guitar A LOT, I stressed about my choice of dress, I forgot my lucky socks, I stressed about forgetting my lucky socks, I cried…It was a roller coaster I can tell you :p and when it was finally time to go on stage, instead of the usual adrenaline that kicks in I had this daunting sense of ‘this is the moment you’ve been waiting for, you better smash it, else what was the point in waiting so long?!’

That sounds very negative, but I guess because I love the festival so much, that actually being part of it felt like a big responsibility, I was going to become part of someones Glastonbury experience…on a more selfish note I was only going to get one chance to live my dream and to mess it up now would be a total bummer.

Having said all of that – as soon as I walked on stage, saw that gorgeous crowd of people…I really wasn’t expecting such an awesome turn out… all the usual gig emotions took over and I played, sung my heart out and enjoyed every moment. It was over in a flash.

I never usual take photos from the stage but I just had to do it this time :) sorry for the blurryness

I never usual take photos from the stage but I just had to do it this time 🙂 sorry for the blurryness

The acoustic stage crew were all completely golden, every person I met was friendly and helpful and their awesomeness totally topped off the experience. There was also a whole alice in wonderland theme going on backstage which totally rocked! 😀 find pics in my facebook album 🙂

So aside from gigging, the festival was brill (as per usual) here is a rundown of top moments (in no particular order)

  • Rolling Stones – I have always joked that the stones are the last massive, legendary act I needed to see before I shuffle off this mortal coil, they probably aren’t, I’d really like to see Joni Mitchell and ooo a bunch of other artists live but hey they are certainly up there as ones to watch. Now don’t get me wrong, I know they can’t do it like they could when they were 20 but sometimes the right party atmosphere, dancing and singing a long to your favourite tunes on the hill in front of the pyramid stage is what it’s all about and we had a ball 😀
  • Oysterband – Now, spending my time on the road at clubs and festivals I have seen oysterband A LOT, but I tell you something, this is the first ever time that I have watched them from the audience, I have always watched from back and side stage before and although they are always great (and the nicest bunch of fella’s on the scene!) this was something else. We were jumping around, dancing and singing – both me and rob left that gig with completely hoarse voices (good job it was after my set hehe)
  • Greenpeace farmers market cake – The greenpeace field is always grand, they work very hard to present their message in a really fun and accessible way so that people who might not have encountered them before can get involved and this year their field was amazing. Their message was about climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps so although the sun shone on glastonbury for 95% of the time it was always snowing (eco foam) at the GP field. With giant polar bears and ice caps it was like stepping into another world! They also had a fantastic farmers market there that sold the finest cakes in all the land. This was a particular favourite:

Carrot cake with lime cream! YUM!

  • Amanda Palmer – is a long-standing favourite of mine. I first got into her music in my teens listening to The Dresden Dolls and I always have a soft spot for ladies with gumption and Amanda is certainly that. I missed her set with her new band as it clashed with my own but lucky for me she played the radical round-up (radical songwriters in the round) with Billy Bragg at the leftfield. She made me cry and laugh, proper authentic, raw, musical goodness 🙂
  • Billy Bragg and Phil Jupitus – the very first time I saw Billy Bragg on the left field stage back in 2000 he blew my mind and I have been a massive fan ever since. I have seen him collaborate with all kinds of great people but Phil Jupitus’ rewrite of ‘Sexuality’ may well have blown everything else out the water! somebody actually managed to catch the moment and handily put it on youtube so go an have a look of you get the time.
  • yeo valley greek yog and honey froyo…no need to say more


  • sparkly cape – Oh man finding this made my day, and then I decided not to buy it, then it made my next day, and I decided not to buy it, and then I went with my mum and she assured me it had to be mine 😀


  • Hanging out in the Permaculture  drinking home-made organic cider and apple juice in the sunshine
  • I can’t escape mentioning it again…MY GIG…WAHOOOOOOO 😀

This blog has taken me about 4 days to write, and I still don’t think I have gotten the essence of the festival, or the gig or any of it over to you but I am aware that no matter how long I work on this I might never achieve it so you guys take care and hopefully I’ll catch you in those fields next year 🙂

Luce xx


Well 2nd blog of the day,

That’s a first for me! But I couldn’t resist 🙂 Because in the last hour, not one, but two very exciting things have just happened!

1: Mike Harding put this up on facebook…woop!

Lucy Wards new CD is terrific and her song For The Dead Men is simply immense – I listened through twice – awestruck. I’ve put it in next Sunday’s Show

2: Properganda Online just shared some of those cheeky little track tasters that I was telling you about…here you go…have a listen 🙂

So there you are, your first little nuggets of noise from Single Flame, I really hope that you liked what you heard 🙂

You can buy the album HERE

You can get tickets to the swanky London launch bash here

One more thing before I go and have a cup of tea to calm down…I will be releasing exclusive content, track tasters, artwork and all sorts of exciting bits and bobs as the album draws near and all the bestest bits will be available only to those of you who are signed up the mailing list 🙂 cheeky but true so if you would like to periodically receive ramblings from me (not a spam engine I assure you) then click here

Right then, a lady grey is in order!

Catch you later xx

‘Single Flame’ Pre Sale Chart Mission!!

Ey Up,

How are you this fine drizzly morning? Grand I hope 😀

Well I am very excitable today because my new album is up for pre-sale!!! Squeeeee!!!!

You can find it HERE

And in honour of this momentous day here is a cheeky gleg at the track listing and artwork for the back of the record

Hope you like it :)

Hope you like it 🙂

.A psychedelic treat from the lovely Elly Lucas.

Until it’s full release on 19th August (when it will be available at all good music outlets) you can get Single Flame from propermusic.com, itunes and a certain tax dodging company named after a jungle.

Why should we buy it on pre-sale? I hear you cry

Well of course it is totally up to you 🙂 you know I am not a pushy sales lady in real life, but every copy you buy pre-sale adds up for the UK Album Charts so if you feel so inclined to buy one for yourself, your friend, your dog, your cat, your mortgage advisor and your doctor then feel free :p

Have a great week, and I’ll catch you soon

Luce xx


New Album Announcement!!!

Ey Up!

The day has come! I can finally announce the name of new record!!!

Here’s the vid I posted this morning…I also genuinely recorded it this morning, it takes A LOT of tea to make me look that awake of a morn…nothing I can do about the tired voice hehe


As you heard there, Single Flame will be released on 19th August 2013 ARRGGGHHH 😀

Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of little tasters and treats as the time draws near, and those of you who are signed up to my mailing listcan also expect extra special exclusives to hear and see things before anybody else and opportunities to win all kinds of exciting stuff 🙂

Ciao for now

Luce xx


The Flown Tour : Fourth, Final and Festivals

Ey Up 🙂

So here it is, the follow up to yesterdays blog 🙂

Band gigs:

WAHOO! It is very rare that I get the opportunity to play with a band so these gigs were something truly special 🙂 I am wayyyyy lucky to work with such talented and kind people. Ahh man I was just buzzing!!

First stop was a sold out gig in my home town of DERBADOS!!! The audience was crammed full with not only peeps who like my music but also my family, friends, old school teachers and other people I have met along the way. There was just something in the air, but no need to call out the instigators (see what I did there), there is just something about playing in your home town that has a vibe like no other. A distinctly scary vibe lol, I was bricking it!! But in all the good ways 😀

woop band!

woop band!

The band line up is an ever changing, ever growing array of awesome people and I was blessed to be able to have both Sam Pegg and Joy Gravestock there, but also my self pronounced surrogate parents O’Hooley and Tidow. We had very little time to rehearse together given everyone’s busy schedules; in fact, the first time Joy played with the rest of the guys was at the sound check before doors! But it’s a true testament to those guys for pulling it off, they really nailed it.

In fact there was a brilliant moment after we had finished one of the tracks, I stepped back so all the guys were in front of me and witnessed an exchange of looks across the stage that said silently ‘Oh my Jeff! That actually worked, we did it ARGGGHHHH’ 😀 hehe.

Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here, given that this was a special night, I went all out with the stage decor, lanterns/chairs/cushions/throws/telephones/vases all from my own home and a load of cut tree branches on the edge of the stage that had come from my mums garden. I had a lot of help from my family, we built a diddy, cosy nest for us to play music in and it felt well good 🙂

Me and Rob also made a big pack up picnic…no band of mine is going unfed!



My lovely band devouring the picnic backstage at The Guildhall, Derby

My lovely band devouring the picnic backstage at The Guildhall, Derby

There was lush sound, groovy lights, a smoke machine…it was like being on stars in your eyes! and I totally loved it hehe!

Vids to come of that evening by the way peeps so keep your eyes peeled on facey b, Twitter and YouTube.

We were lucky enough to not only have 1 night of band loving but got to do it all again the next day in Abingdon, thanks to the lovely Jenny at Seahorse promotions who had booked in the most amazing little guildhall you’ve ever seen with a gorgeous minstrel gallery and everything! Just look

Toooooooooo cute!

Toooooooooo cute!

More Than The Music also wrote a really lovely review of the night…have a gander here

So then as the very last note on this here tour check out the Top 5 Tour Facts:

1: 3000 miles covered (this is travel to and from gigs only)

2: 8 car picnics consumed (just to clarify, this is where you eat picnics in the car, not when you eat cars as a picnic!)

3: 5 completely sold out gigs

4: 200 songs performed

5: Last, but certainly not least, the sound effect we used on Belinda’s electric piano was entitled “Massive Organ”



FESTIVAL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!! and that is mightily exciting! I have done a couple of early spring gatherings but this is the beginning of my summer spent living in a tent hehe. I will be playing at:

And I am proper excited about playing all of them!!!! There are lots of festivals that I have never been to before, Beverley, Towersey, Big Tree, Greenbelt but also I am going to be going to my spiritual home/the festival I grew up going to as an artist for the very first time: Glastonbury WOOP!!!


Lastly, my new album is very very nearly ready…the 2nd cut arrived in the post this morning 😀 Happy days!

ARRRGGGHHHHH sooo excited!

ARRRGGGHHHHH sooo excited!

See you soon peeps

Luce xx