Album is Finished

I cannot believe it!

After six months of going back and forth to cambridge recording with the fantastic Stu Hanna the album is finally finished.

It has been a total rollercoaster, and quite frankly it is very surreal that its over. I have rewarded myself with a week off, although that has been filled with catching up with emails and ironing out all the little creases with the art work before the cd goes to press over the next few weeks 🙂 So excited!!
The Album will be called ‘Adelphi Has To Fly‘ and will be released on 13th June 2011…yay hehe


2 responses to “Album is Finished

    • Hi Liz,

      The official launch is at the Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell, London. It’s all getting very exciting although I must admit I am pretty nervous hehe!

      I am doing a whole loads of dates throughout the year at clubs and festivals, so if the London launch doesn’t work for you it would be great to see you somewhere else

      Thanks for commenting, I’ve put a link to the gig page on the website so you can have a gander 🙂

      Luce xx

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