Ey Up Blog Beans!

Album Cover

How are you? Well I hope. I am good, thanks for asking; actually I’m more than good: I’m excited, apprehensive, anxious, intrigued, buzzing and just a bit wired about MY ALBUM LAUNCH!!!!

Sorry, mad moment over…just can’t believe that after all that hard work and cups of tea the time has finally come to unleash my album on the world. And for the world to tell me what it thinks…I feel like an expectant mother, not that I have any experience of such things, but I just imagine that it’s a similar feeling of  ‘wow, I hope this thing that I have spent many months making as perfect as I can is gonna be ok!’

(I might be being a bit dramatic, I’m sure having a child is much worse than this, but this is pretty nerve wracking I’ve got to tell you!)

So a quick rundown of the top ten album factoids:

1: It’s called ‘Adelphi Has To Fly’

2: It’s released on June 13th 2011

3: It’s on Navigator Records (which is home to a wealth of well cool people: Bellowhead, Chris Wood etc etc etc…and now it’s home to me MENTAL!!)

4: It was produced by the wonderful Stu Hanna (of Megson but who also has produced loads of cool people like Show of Hands and Mawkin:Causley)

Stu and Debbie (Megson) & Me @ BAA Festival last year

5: It guest stars a handful of marvellous musicians: Stu Hanna, Debbie Hanna, Belinda O’Hooley, Heidi Tidow and Sam Pegg

6: I play percussion on it which is hilarious cos I have no rhythm when it comes to hitting stuff!

7: Best meal cooked by Debbie Hanna during the recording process was undoubtedly the spicy pasties!

8: It’s got loads of my own stuff, loads of trad, and a cheeky little cover on it.

9: I love my fifties hair do on the cover of the album and have tried countless amounts of time to do it myself and I always end up looking like a poodle (or Bonnie Tyler)

10: It has so far had lots of lovely reviews which I will endeavour to post in detail but mojo, uncut, maverick, R2, Mike Harding and Verity Sharpe have all been muchos complimentary…which is again…MENTAL !!!

I am well chuffed with the album, I honestly feel like me and Stu made a good job of it and I’m dead proud of it. I really hope you guys like it else I guess it would defeat the point a bit, but just know that I tried my very bestest to make it lovely for you…as you are quite lovely!

This week leading up to the launch is all preparation, invites, decorations, and most importantly…DECIDING WHAT I WILL WEAR…hehe I’m not that vain really, I just see this as an opportunity to by a lip smackingly brilliant dress that a starving musician like myself couldn’t normally justify buying! I’m thinking, black, and sparkly, sort of like Bette Midler with a punk rock twist!

Most amazing news of this past week is that my album is available from asda.com…CRAZY DAYS…does that mean I’ve officially made it? You can buy me in asda, I mean you can buy falafel in asda (yum); you can buy ‘cheese flavoured slices’ in asda (gross), and now you can purchase my album…cool beans!

At chez Lucy all is well; one of my kittens (Maceo) keeps walking over my keyboard making it very hard to write this blog/news update to your lovely selves. Also one of the ferrets (Iggy Sawdust) is running round causing havoc in the living room after his bath (yes you do bath ferrets lol), but he’s gotta dry off before I can but him back in the ferret shed with all his chums, so alas I will have to just turn a blind eye to the mayhem. Finally, I am currently contemplating whether to make myself a brie sarnie or to be good and just have some raspberries…I’m pretty sure I’ll end up having the brie sarnie, I went on a 3 mile run today so I guess I’m allowed.

Anywho, let me know what you think to the album and I’ll hopefully catch you at a gig sooooon


Luce xxx

From Festival Launch gig at Shepley Spring Folk Festival


3 responses to “Ey Up Blog Beans!

  1. Brilliant blog Luce, Keep up the good work:)..is there a way to subscribe on here? having a senior moment,hence i cant find it. See you on the 19th at derby.

    • glad you like the blog John, and thanks for subscribing 🙂

      come and say hi on the 19th I’m really really looking forward to it…keep your eyes peeled for a cheeky collaboration during Mr Tams set 🙂

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