Adelphi has flown, 4 stars and face cake…

Ey up Blog Beans 🙂


Hows things? Good? (I imagine you saying ‘good, thanks’) Brilliant! So glad to hear you are well 🙂 I am smashing thanks for asking!


Well what a crazy week I have had, monday was the official launch of my debut album ‘Adelphi Has To Fly’ and I chose to mark the occasion by throwing a big party in Derby (my home town). It was brilliant! After muchos nervousness throughout the day, about whether anyone would turn up and whether the band would be ok (as managing to fit in a grand total of zero rehearsals seems to be our style); and after a huge mix up with the PA, the blowing up of a trillion balloons, the sprinkling of glitter confetti and the …well i guess what i’m trying to say is after all that hard work we had a cracking night. The highlight for me was half way through ‘Alice In The Bacon Box’ the audience started singing it…the verses and everything…that has never happened to me before…and I know that a lot of them were my family and friends, but just for us all to be there, singing my song, well, I cried I tell you!


I have cried a lot this week! HAPPY TEARS! You gots to let them out when you feel them 🙂


After a cracking gig and catching up with a lot of dear friends…thanks for coming btw peeps!…the owner of the venue (Bar 5, Derby) put on some absolutely brilliant music, we had The Beatles, we had Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, ahhh man all the greats were there! Actually another top moment from the night was ‘I Am The Walrus’ came on and the whole room just started singing….I was dancing around the bar…and well, it was just top! I then went over the road to my local ‘alternative’ night club (just incase you are worrying about what i mean by ‘alternative’ I mean they play ROCK AND ROLL AND NOT CHERYL COLE…YAY hehe) and carried on the celebrations there. I wasn’t drinking of course as I had the London launch the next day but I danced til the morning chorus and my it felt good!


So then Tuesday rolled around and I was cream crackered to say the least but into my folks honda jazz we piled and off to London we drove. Twas very exciting, even though I had a bass case in my face all the way hehe. The London Launch was at the fabulous Slaughtered Lamb, such a quirky little bijoux venue, which I was loving! The band played great, we were all in good voice but the highlight had to be the mighty Mr Will Pound supporting me as my special guest. I have never ever seen anyone play harmonica like that man can! He should get a knighthood or something!


Wednesday brought the delights of a gig at Biddulph Up In Arms, where I had a great time and acquired the most amazing ‘Raggy Annie’ head dress which I will be sporting at this years Glastonbury Festival…i’ll endeavour to whack a picture up for you cos you just have to see how briiiiiillllllllliant it is! Anyways, Wednesday was also the day of my interview on Mike Harding’s show on BBC Radio 2 AMAZINGLY MENTAL EH?! I recorded it a few months ago and had a great time at Smooth Operations HQ sitting and drinking tea with Mike whilst we talked politics and literature 🙂 good times! You can have a listen to it here Mike has been incredibly supportive, but i gots to tell you guys, it just feels so surreal! I listen to his show every week and now he’s playing my songs and interviewing me…i can’t get over how strange that feels, immense, but strange 🙂


Thursday was a chill day…UNTIL…It was getting on for half ten, I was just faffing about, minding my own business, when my phone rang. I looked at it, the caller display said ‘Dad’; I thought ‘Oh flipping heck what does he want at this time of night?’. I answered it, the noise I heard was…………..’AHHHHHHHHH LUCE YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT!’




this is what it said:

CHUFFING AMAZING!!!! I couldn’t of asked for much more! I mean it’s just, well I just feel like this week has been a bit of a magic carpet ride, and I know that sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. I feel very lucky. 4 whole stars!!!!


Finally ladies and gentlemen…Face Cake…I had two face cakes gifted to me on the evening of my Derby launch party…TWO…and boy did they taste good 🙂


I think that is more than enough gushing to bestow upon you people for one day


Take care and all that lovely stuff


Luce xxxx







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