NEW RECORDINGS, Xmassy treats and glitter galore

Ey up 🙂

Hope that this find you well…this week I have been mainly working, AFO’ing, Cuppola:Ward’ing, Radio Derby’ing, eating curry and just generally getting a bit excited about xmas (perhaps a little prematurely I will admit, but still, I am just very much looking forward to some time off with my family)

MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS…So then, after last week’s very scrumptious announcement I have been getting down to some work. And I can now exclusively announce that I will be recording some material over December for an official release with Navigator records in the new year. So will keep you posted and may even do a little ‘from the studio’ blog so you can see firsthand how glamorous a job being a folk musician is 😉

In other news, I had a grand gig with Cupola:Ward on Friday…in case you’ve missed me nattering about this project before…it’s me + Cupola = Cupola:Ward 🙂 We do a mix of contemporary/trad and original material…unaccompanied (accupola…get it :p) and with instrumentation. Basically I get to dance around like a nutter while singing happy stuff…it’s like being Beyonce but with more hurdy gurdy! We were at the Brewtown Folk Club in Burton, and it was absolutely packed! We just couldn’t believe it! It was a bit like being in a can of folky sardines but we had a ball and got to unleash our xmas EP.

This is my personal xmas offering, there is a special message at the end of the video. I am going to try and get the track up for download over the next week or so… will keep you posted on that one.

I also went on my local BBC Radio Daytime show on Friday, Aleena Naylor is lovely! She’s had me in to sing live on the show lots and we’ve really struck up a friendship. A smashing Derby lass she is! You can listen to the interview here (from 1hr 40 mins) —->

Another thing on the subject of Radio…Mike Harding mentioned me on Simon Mayo this week! MENTAL! 😀 Listen here from 20mins in…and listen to the whole thing cos Mike’s joke is hilarious!

Ooo on the matter of glitter galore…I’ve ordered a golden glitter camel…what’s not to love!

Ciao for now, have a lovely week

Lucy xx


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