News news news ‘For The Dead Men’ release date and more

Ey up Blog beans 🙂

Hope you are well, this is the first in a series of blogs to fully update you on all things 2011, brewing in 2012 and generally bring you up to speed with everything. I have imaginatively named it BLOG MONDAY (my creativity astounds me sometimes hehe). Anyways I hope you had an awesome festive season and that it hasn’t been too difficult to get back into the swing of January type things.

So my news! Those of you who follow me on facebook (feel free to add me if you’re not already a facey b friend) will already know that I am releasing ‘For The Dead Men’ as a single. But I can now announce that it will be officially released and available for download on the 22nd of January.

mock cover before final editing

Physical copies will be available but they will be limited and only available directly from me (that’s how singles work apparently hehe). But although I am an advocate of the joys of mp3’s (vinyl still reigns as the king of all formats btw!) if you do want a physical copy you will also get an exclusive remix of ‘Maids When You Are Young’ that won’t be available anywhere else. Cool eh?! :p

Since being jammy enough to get my contract and record my album there have been A LOT of firsts; lots of amazing experiences and lots of hard work. I’ve been very much learning on the job but to be totally honest with you I am having an awesome time doing exactly that! 🙂 This is my very first single…I feel like a member of the Spice Girls…I mean, a single, that’s what pop stars do…so cool.

Can you tell I’m a bit excited?

Currently, the lovely Stu Hanna, who also produced ‘Adelphi has to Fly’, is working on the final mixes of the tracks for the single.

The photographs for the artwork were done in December (watch out for a later Monday blog for more details), by the marvellously talented Elly Lucas. And we spent last Friday working together to design the artwork for the promo sleeve. Twas a long day but I think we’ve made something that is pretty darn cool, even if I do say so myself 😉

There is still a lot to do…I still have to film a ‘For The Dead Men’ video and get all the other stuff in order to make sure people can actually listen to the new track! I’m sure there is even more stuff to get on with than that…but I find small chunks of work, coincide much better with my ability to achieve stuff.

Now then… you are fully filled in on the imminently impending single release, which was 22nd Jan in case my rambling had erased it from your mind.

But what you don’t know (mainly cos it was only decided yesterday) is that I will be releasing a 2nd single. The date isn’t confirmed yet but we are thinking march/April. The track is already recorded and it is……….


…..Oooo I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist teasing ya! Everything I have told you is true but I’m going to keep you in the dark about which track it is for the moment. Mainly so it can be a lovely big suprise 😀

What I can tell you is, that it was recorded at the same time as ‘For The Dead Men’, and was intended as a B-Side. Best laid plans :p

So now I have most likely annoyed you with my ‘I know a secret you don’t know’ antics I am going to toddle off and start preparing the rest of blog moday, I am hoping it will be sufficiently interesting so you will be able to forgive me for leaving you in suspense! In fact as an extra apology please enjoy this picture of me as a bear

me being a you do

Take care you guys

Luce xx


3 responses to “News news news ‘For The Dead Men’ release date and more

  1. for the dead men is one hell of a song and i wish you all the very best with it, please let me know when the physical copies become available, looking forward to lewes

    • Hi John,

      I’ll make it known on the blog when they are available and how you can get your mitts on them 🙂

      Really glad you like the song too 🙂 have a good day xx

  2. Lucy I would very much like a Physical copy of the Single. I have a bad record with computers a physical copy and I relax. 😉

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