Bye bye Fisherman…hello Horizon Tour

Ey up peoples 🙂

How are you? Good I hope 🙂

Another short blog monday here I am afraid, but I don’t have gigs on tues/wednesday this week so I will endeavour to do full write of all the Fishy Friends goodness…and tell you all their exclusive and astonishing secrets 😛 believe me there are loads :p

In the mean time though, I will say that I had a flipping brilliant time…those boys are lovely and getting the chance to play such awesome venues was just too cool…last night I was singing on the stage at the Liverpool Philharmaic Hall for flip sake. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL

But in the words of Yazz and the plastic population ‘the only way is up baby’  😀 and after a half 10 lie in this morning  I am straight into a run of my own tour dates…I have cannily called it the horizon tour on the back of recent events and I may not be playing any great halls but I am really looking forward to getting on the road again and hopefully catcing up with a lot of you lovely lovely people along the way.

The offical tour is through March and April, but you can see all my tour dates for the year in the link below 🙂

So then, now I’m off to grab a shower before tootling down to Henley to play Nettlebed  Folk Club 🙂 I’ve been there a couple of times before but not for a good couple of years so it will be cracking to get down there again, annnnnnnnnd it’s a double header with Megan Henwood so it should be a good night

Have a lovely monday folks and I shall post up a full fish pie over the next few days

Luce xx


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