Happy Birthday Adelphi :)

Ey Up 🙂

Well, it’s official. It is a year since the release of my debut album ‘Adelphi has to fly’

Feels proper cool to say that; all be it a little scary 😛 

What a year it has been, its one of those weird situations where it seems like a whole lifetime ago but at the same time…where did that year go?!

Tis a good feeling anyway and thank you for the lots of lovely messages on facebook and twitter wishing me a happy album day hehe 🙂 it has kept me smiling through lots of early mornings this week (I am not a fan of any time before 10:30! I mean…it’s just inhumane to be a full functioning homosapien before that time…isn’t it? :p lol)


So then, this is a relatively short post this evening just to let you know that next week I will be doing a series of short videos talking about ‘Adelphi…’ and the true stories of where the songs came from 🙂 I will also be chatting about my favourite lines, telling some heckler anecdotes, divulging anything else interesting I can think of to tell you and lastly, ya never know I might sing a bit too 😉

I am hoping that this will be vaguely intersting, and that you might be vaguely interested in having a look at the vids 🙂 and that it will perhaps let ya get an insight into the inspirations behind some of the tracks. Infact, feel free to post any burning questions you might have in the comment box below (or via twitter/facey b) and I will endeavour to answer them in the vids.

So there ya go,

I aint gonna ramble on tonight cos I’ll be doing enough of that next week! 😛 so take care and I shall perhaps see some of you at Big Session Festival this weekend 🙂

Ciao for now

Luce xx 





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