New Album Announcement!!!

Ey Up!

The day has come! I can finally announce the name of new record!!!

Here’s the vid I posted this morning…I also genuinely recorded it this morning, it takes A LOT of tea to make me look that awake of a morn…nothing I can do about the tired voice hehe


As you heard there, Single Flame will be released on 19th August 2013 ARRGGGHHH 😀

Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of little tasters and treats as the time draws near, and those of you who are signed up to my mailing listcan also expect extra special exclusives to hear and see things before anybody else and opportunities to win all kinds of exciting stuff 🙂

Ciao for now

Luce xx



3 responses to “New Album Announcement!!!

      • Yay, just seen it on train back to Nham – can’t wait to hear the CD. China was fascinating. No access to overseas social media except, bizarrely, for Twitter in smaller towns. Not surprisingly there was a lot of folk songs and even communal open-air mikes in parks where (mainly elderly) people took along a small amp and just sang. One old fella was belting out Auld Lang Syne for some reason ! Was tempted to murder Icarus but didn’t want to embarrass my very kind Chinese host 😛

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