About Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward is rising star of the folk scene, leaving her mark wherever she goes with her expressive performance and infectious passion for folk music.

The 20 year old from Derby started out modestly at a local folk club aged just 14, now after six years of performance experience under her belt she is playing at folk clubs and festivals all over the country, including the esteemed Nettle bed Folk Club, Priddy, Big Session and Shrewsbury Festivals.

Lucy plays guitar and has recently taken up the concertina; however she considers her voice to be her first instrument. She has the ability to still an audience with the strength and purity of her voice, which she uses to great effect on the unaccompanied songs that sprinkle her set. She has a talent for taking songs and investing them with passion and feeling in order to bring about refreshed appreciation from her audiences.

Throughout the last two years, since finishing her A-levels, Lucy has devoted all her time to the music she loves. This passion and commitment has resulted in gigs supporting various folk luminaries such as Dave Swarbrick, Tams and Coope, Mawkin:Causley, Jim Moray and Nancy Kerr and James Fagan. She was also given the opportunity of supporting Seth Lakeman in October of last year, where she gave a fantastic performance to a 600 strong audience.

Her sets are an eclectic mixture of traditional and contemporary folk interpretations; interspersed with her own (some award winning) songs. There is such a natural and easy sound to her music that is brought to life by her breath taking delivery, that Lucy really is a treat not to be missed.

She has developed into a fine young song writer and a consummate performer who wows her audience with her genuine and sparkling personality and her stunning voice.


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